The Sound of Dance – A testimonial from previous student Lucrezia Maimone

Everyday when I wake up, I try to feel my body, my heart, muscles, feet… And like a train here comes a voice, it repeats the words of Morten and Lotte: “drop the tailbone!” “extend the arms!”, keep focus”. They resound inside my brain, as an echo bouncing back continuously.
The experience at CCDS is one of the most interesting events that a young dancer can have. I didn’t realize it immediately, but now with the distance of one year since my studies there, all the information I achieved, is becoming a reality in my daily life. The notions I learned from these great teachers have become a part of my everyday thoughts.
Now I’m working on bringing out my own character, focusing on the importance of keeping the path shaped from my spontaneity, with a clean imagination without any filters to interfere with my integrity. I am currently working with an Italian contemporary dance company and also with a small new-circus company.
I really wish that I will wake up one day and listen again for the reality of their voices guiding me. No matter the time, the weather, the emotional feeling or the job, in everything I do, I still hear this little voice in my mind, not so far away, I can hear it, and I’ll never stop hearing it. I will never forget them.
Lucrezia 🙂