About the students

The students at CCDS is an international group, usually representing around 15 nationalities. The teaching language is English.
The international profile of the school provides a great network for students and alumni.

Thoughts from Diploma students

Greta Genovesi from Italy is a 2nd year student in the 3-year Diploma Programme from 2017-2020

“I have spent one year in Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. I found immediately nice people, great dancers, lovely friends and instructive teachers. I’ve grown up a lot as dancer and as woman, thanks to the chance to improve myself everyday in the studio.”

“CCDS is like a big family that opens the doors of its house to everyone and everything: guest teachers, new students, opportunities, suggestions…

The atmosphere is really nice because you are surrounded by people hungry to learn as much as possible from the collegues and from teachers, who are also so creative and inspirational.

Teachers are so focused on their work, that creates new dancers, new artists and a new generation of great performers. I love the way they also leave space to you to reflect about yourself, about what and who you want to be. They spend so much time to listen to you, to hear what you want to say. This is such a good thing!

My goals after this education are to become a professional dancer, because I want to show the biggest part of my heart that during my studies has became full of love for dancing and because I can communicate who I am, what I love, what I want to do, but in a language made of movements.”

Linn Fletcher from Sweden is a 2nd year student in the 3-year Diploma Programme from 2017-2020

“During my first year I learned a lot about myself, and I met many inspiring dancers and teachers from all over the world. I feel as if this past year has made me stronger, of course as a dancer, but mainly with regards to my character, which is something I feel is very valuable in this profession.”

“I am pleased with my choice of attending this school. As it is a new programme, I feel as if we are close to the reality of dancing more than it simply being an education. What I mean by this is that as the programme grows and tries to make its mark, so do we alongside it. Another reason why I am happy with my choice is that I am seen as an individual more than just a student in a group. The focus is on each and every individual in the school – our strengths, weaknesses and personalities are center stage. Therefore it is also expected to have a lot of personal responsibility and that, in turn, the school provides us with the opportunities.

Moving to Copenhagen and attending CCDS has been one of the best decision I have made. Being around people, both in school and in Copenhagen, who are interested and passionate in what what they do, makes me certain that this is what I want to dedicate my life to. When I am finished with school I would like to work as a dancer, but also create my own projects. I believe the school provides me with the right possibilities to do just so.” 

Thoughts from Pre-Education students

Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen is from Norway and was a student in 2009-2010. She was accepted at Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam in 2010 and graduated in 2013

“For me, the year at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School was truly inspiring. It is a place where you, through opening up and broadening your view and perspective on dance, learn about yourself as a performer.”

“I believe that during the auditions for BA degrees (2010) the students from CCDS stood out from the crowd, due to the great practice of audition situations taught by Morten Innstrand and Lotte Sigh. It was a pleasing and tough year of hard work, resulting in great satisfaction of being accepted at several different dance schools/academies around Europe.

The atmosphere and class environment was incredibly joyful, with so many individual dancers and makers. I am happy to have made so many good friends, and I honestly thank Morten and Lotte for their support and belief in me to become a professional dancer.”

Isabel Slingerland was a student 2008/2009 and finished her bachelor from Northern school of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, England 2014:

There is a very individual approach. That is something that I am grateful for. You don’t find that anywhere else.

“Being in my third year of a BPA dance course now I feel I don’t have that much guidance from my school not as much as I had in CCDS. I felt my year in Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School was a great experience for me. I got to see different things, it opened my horizon and I learned how to work myself and how to look out for things. Also I got more confident that I can become a professional dancer, because I genuinely feel Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School believe in their students.”

You can get in touch with some of the former students at the school’s facebook page by clicking here.

Dancers from the Postgraduate Programme have continued their professional dance career at:

Staatsoper unter den Linden – Berlin (DE)
Maduixa Teatre (ES)
Bundeskunsthall – Bonn (DE)
OtraDanza – Valencia (ES)
Pantera Chamber Ballet- Kazan (RU)
Theathre Pforzhiem (DE)
Opening ceremony at Olympic Games in Russia
University of Choreography (part of faculty) – Kazan (RU)
Aarhus Teater – Aarhus (DK)
Edge – The postgraduate performance company of London Contemporary Dance School – London (GB)
KHIO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Master programme) – Oslo (NO)
Verve Dance Company – Leeds (GB)
Østre Gasværk Theatre – Copenhagen (DK)
Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School started the Post-graduate Programme in 2012.

Dancers from the Diploma Programme have continued their professional dance career at:

The company Titoyaya Dansa (ES) under artistic director Gustavo Ramirez Sansano as apprentice; Azoth Dance Theatre (FR) under Jonathan Breton; The Court Theatre (DK) under Erling Eliasson and Székesfehérvári Ballet Színház (HU).
Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School started the Diploma Programme in 2016.

Students from the Pre-Education Programme have been accepted at professional dance educations:

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (DK)
Amsterdam School of the Arts – Amsterdam (NL)
KHIO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts – Oslo (NO)
ArtEZ – Arnhem (NL)
Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle (US)
University of Stavanger, BA in Contemporary Dance – Stavanger (NO)
Codarts – Rotterdam (NL)
Folkwang University of the Arts (DE)
School for New Dance Development – Amsterdam (NL)
Iceland Academy of the Arts – Reykjavik (IS)

Balett Akademien – Gothenburg (SE)
Balett Akademien – Stockholm (SE)
Bewegungs-Art – Freiburg (DE)
Contemporary Dance School – Hamburg (DE)
Dance Journey Programme ved Kibbutz Dance Company – Kibbutz Ga’aton (IL)
DOCH – School of Dance and Circus – Stockholm (SE)
London Contemporary Dance School – London (GB)
The Danish National School of Performing Arts– Copenhagen (DK)
Iwanson – Munich (DE)
Manufacture, University of Performing Arts in Western Switzerland (CZ)
Northern School of Contemporary Dance – Leeds (GB)
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Artesis Plantijn – Antwerp (BE)
SEAD – Salzburg (AT)
Skolen for Samtidsdans – Oslo (NO)
Arts Nordica – Kunming (CN)
The Department of Dance Studies – University of Malta (MA)
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance – London (GB)
University of Music and Dance Cologne (DE)
Vienna Conservatory – University of Music and Performing Arts (A)
ACTS Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Paris – Paris (FR)
Alvin Ailyn, New York (US)
Universität der Künste, Berlin (DE)

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School started the Pre-Education Programme in 2005.



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