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The students at CCDS is an international group, representing over 20 nationalities from all over the world. The teaching language is English. The international profile of the school provides a great network for students and alumni.

"My time here at CCDS was filled with diversity and opportunity. Being in a school with my peers and choreographers coming from all different countries, my mind and body has been gifted with an abundance of knowledge.

The 1-Year Post-Graduate Programme really encouraged me to develop my individuality, further my artistic choices while maintaining and strengthening my foundation. I am very fortunate to have been able to experience this opportunity to its fullest and moving forward I will always think fondly of my time in CCDS and Copenhagen."
Laren Chang - USA
1-Year Post-Graduate Programme - 2022
Having graduated at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School in June 2021 I would like to share a little bit from my own experience during the three years. Each year I have spent at CCDS was very different from each others. Living in a new country, new friends, new school, later on COVID-19, auditioning, internships, looking for a job. All of it happening to one student during just three years. If I could I would love to have had at least twice as much time for all this!

I got so much help from the school and also from my friends and colleague. The support we have for each other gives an enormous amount of inspiration, motivation and of course lots of joy and fun.

One of the trickiest parts in the beginning was having to adapt to the rapid changes of classes. We had a lots of different teachers and choreographers coming from all over the world basically every month and each one of them worked in very different ways. I was not used to this at all and with my stubborn character I had to fight with myself and learn to adapt and overcome my initial mindset.

Teachers who I had the honor to spend time in the studio were always very nice. At CCDS there was a calm and friendly atmosphere all the time. I am glad I could be part of this family!

I have grown a lot and become an confident and strong dancer and are currently working in Shaden Dance Company (Israel)
Agáta Ženíšková - Czech Republic
3-Year Diploma Programme 2018-2021
"I found immediately nice people, great dancers, lovely friends and instructive teachers. I’ve grown up a lot as dancer and as woman, thanks to the chance to improve myself everyday in the studio." "CCDS is like a big family that opens the doors of its house to everyone and everything: guest teachers, new students, opportunities, suggestions... The atmosphere is really nice because you are surrounded by people hungry to learn as much as possible from the collegues and from teachers, who are also so creative and inspirational.

Teachers are so focused on their work, that creates new dancers, new artists and a new generation of great performers. I love the way they also leave space to you to reflect about yourself, about what and who you want to be. They spend so much time to listen to you, to hear what you want to say. This is such a good thing!

My goals after this education are to become a professional dancer, because I want to show the biggest part of my heart that during my studies has became full of love for dancing and because I can communicate who I am, what I love, what I want to do, but in a language made of movements."
Greta Genovesi - Italy
3-Year Diploma Programme 2017-2020
"It wasn’t until sometime after I graduated from the program that I realized how much I’ve learnt during my time at CCDS. The program gave me a lot of space to individually work on myself and to be able to take my own responsibility in getting the most out of the program. Of course it was challenging at times, but through great mentoring and the personal connection I developed with Lotte and Morten, I have grown to be the independent, strong and confident dancer that I am today."


Rachel Laird (UK), 3-Month Post-Graduate Programme

My time at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School was more than I could have wished for. It was the perfect transition period, for me, after completing my BA (HONS) at Laban. The Post Graduate Diploma bridged the gap between being a full time dance student and shifting into a professional contemporary dancer. Space and time was given where we could discover what we wanted from the course and what specific avenues we, as individuals, wanted to go down.
Read more about Rachel on her website:

Amélie Roch, 3-Year Diploma Programme

The years spent in Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School are a time I cherish dearly. The Diploma Programme helped me transition from my more theory oriented Bachelor in Performing Arts in Strasbourg, France and gave me the diversified technical training I aimed for. The many opportunities and lessons allowed me to broaden my artistic universe while giving me space to fully discover and accomplish my own potential. I made lifelong friendships and always felt encouraged by my peers to experiment and express myself freely.