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Sarah auditioning for Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom is a Belgium dance theatre company. CCDS student Sarah Elena Deppeler writes about her experiences and thoughts during her audition for the company. Sarah made it to the final four in the audition despite still having a few months left of her dance education at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. This was her first audition for a professional dance job.
Peeping Tom
Small countries have to find a niche to stand up to their big neighbours. I am favourably impressed by the richness of Belgium’s contemporary dance scene. The diversity of different companies and styles is proof of a brave population and a creative environment.
One year ago, I saw Peeping Tom perform for the first time; the intensity of the mountain landscape, where a handful of campers were confronted with their loneliness, left me breathless.
12 months later, I saw by chance, that the company is holding an audition for a replacement for this very performance. A small piece inside of me tumbled and without thinking any further, I sent my application.
32, rue Vandenbranden – je viens! 
In-flight, I realized, how radically my life changed. Instead of studying in dark libraries for the university, I was about to make the first move into a new fascinating world. Contrary to expectations, I wasn’t nervous. I felt, that the first half of the year at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School provided me with reassuring tools.
The audition took place in a wonderful building called “les brigittines”. The bone-chilling cold outside couldn’t choke my anticipation. After the warm-up I entered the studio, where we started, after some short information, directly with improvisation.
Stay focused, don’t repeat yourself, use every part of the body, drop your tailbone and go further, further, further – dance it out.
This advice from Morten, Lotte and the guest-teachers hummed like music in my ear and helped me find self-confidence.
With a pleasant feeling inside, I felt ready to focus on the following choreography.
How to distort, twist and bend your body beyond recognition? During the last six months, stretching became as essential as coffee in the morning.
Keep your lower back in the floor, support yourself with your hands and over all, touch the floor as if it were a friend. 
Not that easy, if you have to run into walls, jump higher than you thought you could, just to collect all this energy finally in gentle rolls on the floor.
It felt like flying.
For the rest of the audition, I noticed over and over again a smile flashing over my face. In this nerve-racking situation, I never felt lost. Somewhere on my back, there was this growing bag, filled with tips from CCDS, which put me in the right direction.
Although another dancer was chosen for the role, I feel proud. I came further than I ever dreamed and turned over a new leaf. There is a very specific part of dance, which is conforming to me.
It’s great to have this new tool in my bag.
By Sarah Elena Deppeler