FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  • How do I sign up for audition?

    You need to fill out the application form with your personal information and follow the instructions for the audition.
    At the same time we will ask you to find a digital picture of yourself and send it with your registration.
    You can enroll for the next audition under the menu “Audition”.
  • I live outside the EU but would like to audition?

    If a visa is required for you to enter Denmark, you have the opportunity for an alternative audition where you apply via video. Please follow the instructions for video audition under “Audition” for the specific Programme, and find more information under “Alternative Audition”. The deadline for applicants from a non-EU country is 1st of June for the 3-Year Diploma Programme and 1-year Post Programme.
  • Is there a dresscode for the audition?

    Please wear tight clothes and have your hair up.
  • When will I know if I have been accepted to the school?

    You will receive the result of your audition within two weeks after the audition.
  • I am younger/older than the age limit – can I apply for dispensation?

    Dispensation can be granted – please contact us.
  • I got accepted at CCDS, but live outside the EU

    We would love to have you here. You do, however, need to check with your local authorities/embassy for advice on how to get a permit. Note that CCDS is an independent school and not eligible for student visa. If you carry a EU-passport, you are fine. If you are here for the 11-weeks Postgraduate programme, you can stay on your 3-months’ holiday visa. Find information on New to Denmark.
  • Can I continue studying after finishing a 3-year Diploma?

    After 3 years you get a Diploma of a 3 year professional dance education if you match the requirements as described. To enter the professional environment it is in most cases required that you have a 3 year professional dance education behind you.  If you wish to continue your education after your Diploma programme, the majority of the Masters and Post-graduate programmes require you to pass an audition and a finished 3 year professional education.
  • Is there a difference between a Diploma and Bachelor Programme?

    Yes, in Denmark Bachelors are connected to universities. CCDS is an independent private school offering a Diploma. CCDS is recognised as a professional dance education in the dance society, and you receive a Diploma after finishing 3 years. The dancers who have previously graduated have continued at Post-graduate programmes, Master programmes, and as freelancers mainly based on funding and as dancers in companies.
  • Can you send me a brochure or a prospectus?

    You can find information here on the webpage and if you have more questions, you are of course more than welcome to contact us. We do not have printed material about CCDS.
  • What is the education fee?

    More information about the education fee under “Practical Information”.
  • Does CCDS offer scholarships?

    CCDS do not offer scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply funds for scholarships or private funding if financial support is needed.
  • Is it possible to work beside the education?

    Yes, many of the students have contract work on weekends and some evenings during the week. Copenhagen is very open for international workers and the wages are generally higher than many other European countries.
  • Can I visit Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School?

    You are most welcome. Please arrange beforehand.

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School - info@cph-dance.com - +45 30 24 53 51

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