1-Year Professional Pre-Education Programme – CLOSED


The 1-year Pre-Education Programme is put on pause for the year 2019/20 and 2020/21. There will  be no auditions for the Programme in this period.


Ambition, drive, talent for movement and sound technical capabilities in contemporary dance and ballet. Furthermore we expect candidates to possess creative talent and to have reflected upon contemporary dance as an art form.
Candidates between 16 and 26 years of age may apply. Dispensation can be given in special cases.

Audition procedure

Applicants send an application form (link below) and will afterwards be invited to the audition.
The audition lasts for one day and consists of contemporary dance,  ballet,  improvisation, solo and interview. Each applicant must prepare a one-minute solo without music. Please prepare for the interview by reflecting upon the following questions:
• Which professional dance educations do you plan to audition for?
• What goals do you have for your dance career?
• Which performers, choreographers or other people inspire you?

Applicants will be notified of their admission or non-admission to the course shortly after the audition and latest two weeks after.
Should you be accepted to the programme,  please accept your place by paying the first instalment of the course fee within 3 weeks.

Dress code

You are requested to wear tight fitting clothes throughout the audition. Jewellery and wrist watches are not allowed and hair must be worn tied back, leaving the face and neck clear.

Application form 1-Year Pre-Education Programme (application link opens 1st of May 2019)

If the application form cannot be uploaded you are welcome to send your application in an ordinary email to
Remember that all fields are mandatory.
By sending an application you agree that Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School may keep this information. Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School only asks for necessary information and only keeps it temporarily.

Audition fee

DKK 190.
Your place at the audition is secured once you have paid the audition fee. The audition fee is non-refundable.

Bank information

Reg.: 2107
Account number: 0717838408
IBAN Code: DK9220000717838408

The adress of the bank is :
Smallegade 2
2000 Frederiksberg

Remember to write your full name and address on the payment slip.

When you transfer money from outside Denmark, please allow up to a week’s time and make sure to accept all transfer charges.

Read more about the 1-Year Pre-Education Programme here.

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School - - +45 30 24 53 51

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