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3-year Diploma Programme

3-Year Diploma Programme

Next programme starts 2022.


The finest task of Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is to support the international group of highly ambitious dancers who wish to develop their full potential, gain profound technical and artistic skills and knowlegde and attain a long and distinguished career as company- or freelance dancer and artist internationally.

This combination gives the students the opportunity to both immerse themselves in dance as a craft and to use Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School as a creative and network building point of departure for the future.

The goal of the 3-year Diploma Programme at CCDS is for the students to develop into highly skilled and aware dancers who can take full charge of their own development and handle their careers as professional dancers and artists for a long career in the future.


In a typical week (Monday-Friday) students are expected to work 4-6 hours per day and dedicate 2 hours per day for individual optimisation of their body potential, research, management and for self-studies. Some weeks are dedicated fully to a workshop or rehearsals, others are organised as classes. During periods of productions at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, performances and rehearsals can take place in evenings and weekends.

Every school year the students take part in several public productions. Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School collaborates with a number of choreographers, cultural institutions and organisations. Collaborators are for example choreographers such as Gustavo Ramirez Sansano (ES), Roberto Scafati (IT/D), Stephen Delattre (FR/D) and Tamas Moricz (HU/BE). To see more, please visit Teachers. Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School has performed at The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Music Theater, Ministry of Culture, Royal Cast Collection,  Østre Gasværk Theatre, Royal Danish Ballet, Nimb in Tivoli, The National Museum, The Cisterns as well as a long list of site specific performances.

The Diploma Programme includes individual coaching and mentoring of the students to optimise their artistic and technical development to the fullest. CCDS has a strong focus on melting education in safe frames with reality and a strong focus on preparing the students the best possible way for the world they will most likely meet as a professional dancer. In this profession  daily life working with different people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and different experiences is a very realistic scenario.
Therefore, the students of CCDS will have a lot of classes together across the first, second and third years. It means a lot to us that the students feel responsible for their own development – we are here to guide the students both technically, artistically but definitely also in finding the most constructive and efficient learning process where they at the end are extremely independent. Working tasks and expectations depend on the level of experience of the individual student.
By the end of every semester (Winter and Summer) there will be an exam followed by individual feedback.


Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is looking for dancers who have already achieved a solid technical experience in classical and contemporary dance and are ready to challenge themselves in order to develop their full potential.

To audition for the 3-year Diploma Programme is to audition for becoming part of an international ambitious team for 3 years. All the dancers support each other in developing their potential and skills to the fullest; through daily training, personal coaching and through performance periods. In the final semester, the dancers have the chance to specialize through individual apprentice periods with choreographers and companies.

Please read about the audition and application process here.


The daily working language as well as all correspondence is in English.
We do not require any certificate confirming your language ability, but expect you to be able to follow instructions in English.


Students are expected to bring their own training clothes (indoor and outdoor use), shoes (indoor and outdoor use and running shoes), knee pads, and also nude and black underwear, nude and black socks and swimwear.

Point shoes can be used in some balletclasses when it is aproved by the teachers. Pointshoes are not required to participate in any classes.

Literature and material for Management, Anatomy & Physiology, Music and Dance History is partly found online, at public libraries and in some cases there are expenses related to literature, features on webpages and apps supporting the curriculum. Furthermore, the school can recommend apps to download for a small fee for educational purpose.


To obtain the final diploma students must pass the annual exams and pass the school year.
If absence exceeds 10%, a diploma will not be issued.


Subjects 1st and 2nd year

Performance practice; incl. work with choreographers & public performances
Personal Coaching & mentoring
Optimising performance
Composition, including individual specialization

Complementary subjects & workshops

Injury Prevention & Training Planning, supported by studies of Anatomy & physiology. Closely connected to Optimising performance.
Choreo-Music, Dance History and Performance Analysis
Voice Training
*The complementary workshops are supported by self-studies of curriculum and connected to the daily practical work.


Performance practice; incl. work with choreographers & public performances
Personal coaching & mentoring
Composition focused on solo work
Webpage creation & management incl. filming of choreographic work for audition
Individual specialisation
Optimising performance
Possibility of apprentice periode


The total education fee for the 3-year Diploma Programme 2022/2025 is 152,000 DKK to be paid in six instalments.
The first instalment of 20,000 DKK is due to be paid 2 weeks after acceptance.
The second instalment of 20,000 DKK is due to be paid April 25th 2022.
The third instalment of 17,000 DDK is to be paid November 25th 2022.
The fourth instalment of 40,000 DKK is due to be paid March 25th 2023.
The fifth instalment of 17,000 DDK is to be paid November 25th 2023.
The sixth instalment of 38,000 DKK is due to be paid March 25th 2024.


CCDS is an independent institution. Under Danish regulation only students applying for a state school are eligible for student visa, and therefore student visa unfortunately does not apply to CCDS-students. However, Denmark has special agreements to selected countries regarding visa for long-term stays in Denmark. Please go to (“new to Denmark” – the official site for immigration to Denmark) to find information on what options applies to you depending on your home country. It is a very good idea to consult your local embassy in Denmark to help guide you.
Note that Visa application takes 2-3 months to process, and therefore we must have received your application to audition before the 1st of May in an audition period if you are a non-EU citizens.