Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School


The mission of Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is to facilitate the dancers’ development into skilled and aware artists taking full charge of their own  professional careers.

Unquestionable dedication and independent reflection is at the core of all activities. Responsibility, an open mind, respect for each other, a sense of humor, situational awareness, self-discipline, determination and a positive approach are all essential qualities.

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is a space in which the students can develop their full potential and prepare for a long and distinguished career in contemporary stage arts.

A strong focus on dance as a craft, physical abilities, continued artistic reflection and practical management skills make Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School a strong point of departure for future job takers and job creators within the international dance community.


CCDS cooperates with a number of cultural institutions as well as the dorm at The Royal Danish Ballet – Dronning Margrethe Kollegiet. Students younger than 18 years of age can apply to live at the dorm during their education at CCDS. Please contact the school for further information.


CCDS is a subsection of Copenhagen Dance Arts; an independent cultural institution presenting dance arts nationally and internationally. In addition, Copenhagen Dance Arts presents Copenhagen International Dance Festival every Spring. Click here to read more about Copenhagen Dance Arts.



Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (CCDS) is proud to present three professional programmes:

  • 3-year Diploma Programme

A 3-year programme for a selected group of international highly skilled and ambitious dancers with extraordinary independent drive; Dancers who are aiming for an international career as company- or freelance dancers. Read more.

  • 11-Week Intensive Post-Graduate Programme

A 11-week programme for professional dancers who have at least 3 years professional dance education at diploma/bachelor level. The essence of the programme is individual coaching, career guidance, audition preparation, solo work and webpage creation in relation to promoting yourself as dancer. Read more.

  • 1-Year Post Programme

The Programme is specially for dancers with an education in contemporary or ballet or having massive training and performance experience. The programme is an individual specialisation and optimisation of your future professional dance career. The essence of the Programme is personal coaching, audition preparation, networking, career guidance and targeting your technical and artistic skills for the specific job situations that you are planning for in the future. Read more.

All students at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School share a lot of the  technical classes together. Working tasks and focus are specific for each group and for each student. 


Before establishing the 1-Year Post Programme and the 3-Year Diploma Programme, CCDS founded the 1-year professional fulltime Pre-Education Programme back in 2005. 15 years sent off numerous dance students to professional schools and programmes all-over Europe and beyond. The Pre-Education Programme was a 1-year education aimed at young dancers, who – through a year of fulltime training – developed their skills significantly and became equipped for acceptance at the higher professional dance educations. Through the years more and more professional dancers attended on special coaching programmes in order to prepare for auditions, and in 2010 CCDS officially founded the Post-graduate Programme. In 2016 CCDS founded the 3-year Diploma Programme and in 2019 the 1-Year Post Programme.



Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School - - +45 30 24 53 51

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