Open Classes for professional dancers

Professional dancers are most welcome to join selected morning classes at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School.
Participation requires sign up by 15.00 the weekday before.
See calendar below for open classes.

Monday – Thursday: 08.30 – 10.00
Friday: 10.00-11.30
(unless specified otherwise in the calendar. 1 class=1,5 hour)

Sign up:
Please send your name and the dates you wish to join one weekday before 15.00 to

GAME Street Mekka
Enghavevej 82D
2450 Copenhagen SV
(Enter where it says “Entrance”)

Fee: DKK 50.
To be paid by mobile pay to phone no +45 4055 2728 (Morten Innstrand).
Please write “CCDS PRO” when you transfer.

To get in:
Once you have signed up you will get info on how to get in the house. You will need an entrance card.

Calendar season 2019/20

This Autumn open classes are upon request and must be agreed beforehand. Please send an email for further information.

Week 3: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Monday – Thursday
Week 5: Contemporary w/ Liv Mikaela Sanz Tuesday & Thursday
Week 6: Ballet w/ Sebastian Kloborg 10.15-11.45 on Monday; 8.30-10.00 on Tuesday & Wednesday

Week 14: Masterclass Contemporary w/ Jernej Bizjak 09.00-11.00 on Tuesday – Thursday
Week 16: Masterclass Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup 09.00-10.30 on Wednesday & Thursday; 10.00-11.30 on Friday

Calendar season 18/19

Week 40: Ballet w/ Gustavo Ramirez Sansano on Monday – Friday
Week 41: Ballet w/ Gustavo Ramirez Sansano on Monday – Friday
Week 43: Contemporary w/ Alexandre Bourdat on Monday – Friday
Week 44: Contemporary w/ Alexandre Bourdat on Monday – Friday
Week 45: Contemporary w/ Ana Sendas on Friday
Week 46: Contemporary w/ Quim Bigas on Monday and Friday
Week 47: Contemporary w/ Bo Madvig Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Week 48: Contemporary w/ Antoinette Helbing on Tuesday – Friday
Week 49: Contemporary w/ Antoinette Helbing on Monday – Friday
Week 50: Contemporary w/ Antoinette Helbing on Monday; Ballet w/ Tina Højlund on Wednesday and Friday
Week 2: Contemporary w/ Jernej Bizjak on Monday – Thursday; Ballet w/ Fernando Mora on  Friday
Week 5: Contact Improvisation w/ Ellen Kilsgaard on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.45, Tuesday at 8.15 and Friday at 10.00
Week 6: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Monday and Wednesday
Week 8: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Week 9: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Monday and Friday
Week 10: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Monday at 8.00, and Thursday at 8.30 and Friday at 10.00
Week 11: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Monday-Thursday
Week 12: Ballet w/ Tamas Moricz (HU/BE) on Monday-Thursday
Week 13: Ballet w/ Mads Blangstrup on Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday at 10.00

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School - - +45 30 24 53 51

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