Blaine Dempsey

Blaine (US) was postgraduate Autumn 2018.








Rachel Laird

Rachel (UK) was postgraduate Autumn 2018.

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My time at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School was more than I could have wished for. It was the perfect transition period, for me, after completing my BA (HONS) at Laban. The Post Graduate Diploma bridged the gap between being a full time dance student and shifting into a professional contemporary dancer. Space and time was given where we could discover what we wanted from the course and what specific avenues we, as individuals, wanted to go down. 





     Lara Llavata Garcia



Yujin Jeong

Yujin (South Korea) was postgraduate Autumn 2018.








Julia Antinozzi

Julia (USA) was postgraduate Autumn 2018.







Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen

After Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School Nanna continued her dance education at ArtEZ institute of the arts in The Netherlands where she is still active. Nanna founded her own choreographic collective in 2015 called NEON together with her colleague. The collective has been touring the Netherlands during festivals like Moving Futures, Het Debuut and Fringe Festival from where they won the price of best dance performance 2018. NEON is the makers of the productionhouse De Nieuwe Oost in Arnhem. Besides choreographing and dancing at NEON Nanna is freelancing within the Danish and Dutch field. Outside the dance studie, she enters the yogastudio as a yogateacher.

Benjamin 1

Benjamin Milan

After Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School Benjamin Milan went to London Contemporary Dance School (BA) and then moved to NYC to study Voguing and ballroom culture in the underground clubs. Benjamin worked with “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Sonya Tayeh on an off-Broadway production, then moved to Switzerland to be a part of urban/contemporary company “The Space in Between”. Now Benjamin is working as a freelancer and has choreographed sections for Kylie Minogue’s world tour, FKA twigs for her worldtour 2014 and special show “Congregata” for 2015. Benjamin has further more choreographed and performed for Google, Red Bull, Pirelli Calendar, Zebra Katz and performed at special events for Madonna. He has been featured in American, Italian and Chinese Vogue, i-D magazine and Dazed and Confused. He won four Grand Prizes for New Way Voguing. Latest he assisted “Sia – Chandelier” choreographer Ryan Heffington. We are not surprised about your success Benjamin. Congratulations!!

Irene Vesterhus Theisen 1

Irene Theisen

Presenting former Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School student Irene Vesterhus Theisen (N). Irene Theisen got in 2006 accepted at KHIO in Oslo after her year at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. Based in Oslo she has worked as a dancer with a long list of choreographers and theaters such as Ingun Bjørnsgaard, Christopher Arouni, Norweigian Opera and Ballet, Dansens Hus and Carte Blanche. She founded the Festival Ravnedans in 2010 and from fall 2015 she will be dancing with Carte Blanche in Bergen, Norway. She is rocking in other words!

Marcelle 1

Marcella Moret

Marcella Moret continued her studies at ArtEZ with a Bachelor in contemporary dance after her time at CCDS in 2009. Marcella is a woman with drive and has continued her studies with Anouk Van Dijk in Melbourne, at Impulstanz and as an intern with CPH Dance Arts and choreographer Jack Gallagher. She works as a freelance artist and founded her own Company “Bodies Anonymous” i 2014 in Switzerland. She developed the partner workshop “Sustaining Creative Directions in Partnership” and you can meet this wonderful and inspiring artist teaching and performing in many places around Europe! Give her a big hugh when you meet her!

Emilie Schack 2

Emilie Schack

Emilie Schack is educated as a classical dancer at The Royal Danish Ballet where she also worked for 2 years. In 2010 she joined CCDS to specialize in contemporary dance. After CCDS Emilie continued with the post graduate company VERVE in Leeds where she received her MA in Contemporary Dance. After VERVE Emilie apprenticed with Danish Dance Theatre and later got a contract with choreographer Ingrid Kristensen where she is dancing today. On top of her career as a dancer Emilie is a passionated yoga teacher and started her own brand – Yama – where she is designing yoga wear and yoga mats. Impressive Emilie!!!!

Aleksandra 2

Aleksandra Elchaninova

It is a pleasure to present Aleksandra Elchaninova. Aleksandra was
at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School 2010-11 and has danced
with the ever so cool Pantera Chamber Ballet in Russia. Right now
she is teaching at Kazan Ballet School and at Kazan Theatre School
– contemporary dance. In 2015 she is appointed choreographer
and director of KAZAN STATE YOUTH THEATRE. Rocking
the russian contemporary dance scene in other words!

Anne 2

Anna Johansson

After Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School Anna continued at SEAD in Salzburg and has since then worked as a freelance artist on various projects. Together with Rebecca Yates Anna founded KLO Productions in Sweden, who since 2012 has produced four big productions ( These two power women are also running “Dans i Blekinge” together with Malin Granqvist which is the organizer of Blekinge Dance Festival ( Together with actor Emilie Trossö and choreographer Emma Nordanfors Anna is also running the group ”Pinamackorna” in Sweden, which has produced 3 large productions since 2012.  Anna is teaching on a regular basis and has created “Måsen” for Teatr Gdynia Glowna in Polen. On top of all this she is pregnant with her second child … so she is preeeeetty busy! Way to go Anna!

Annasara 2

Annasara Yderstedt

Lovely Annasara from Sweden continued her dance studies at The University of Stavanger after her year at CCDS and graduated in 2014. As part of her studies she spend a semester at SUNY Brockport, New York in 2013. Annasara is now working as a dance teacher and freelance dancer based in Stavanger, Norway. She has worked as a dancer in the opera “Carmen” and has taught and choreographed several events for kids such as “Danseballaden” in Copenhagen. Annasara writes on a regular base for the dance portal and this summer she is choreographing a piece for a group of children from all over the world during the daCI Conference taking place in Copenhagen. After that she is traveling to Namibia to participate as a dancer in a performance with OYO Dance Troupe. If you wish to know more about Annasaras wonderful plans and cool career please visit…/

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen

After her year at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School Lisa Marie continued her dance studies at Amsterdam School of the Arts (DeTheaterschool) where she graduated 2014. Since then she has worked on collaboration projects with other dance artists and musicians, she has given workshops to high school students, acted in a music video and danced for the Norwegian choreographer Maria K. Landmark on a project by Arktisk Scene. Lisa Marie has recently been granted a scholarship from the Norwegian Arts Council and is currently researching on a new project. Keep your eyes out for Lisa Marie.


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