Since Copenhagen Contemporary dance School was founded in 2005 a lot of amazing dance artists have passed through CCDS as part of their education and career.

Here you will meet some of them.

Some of our graduates since 2005

Rachel Laird (UK) was postgraduate Autumn 2018.

My time at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School was more than I could have wished for. It was the perfect transition period, for me, after completing my BA (HONS) at Laban. The Post Graduate Diploma bridged the gap between being a full time dance student and shifting into a professional contemporary dancer. Space and time was given where we could discover what we wanted from the course and what specific avenues we, as individuals, wanted to go down.
Read more about Rachel on her website

Yujing Jeong
Blaine Dempsey
Julia Antinozzi
Lydia Touliatou
Marine Vaillant
Amélie Roch
Greta Genovesi
Helga Bach-Mortensen
Moeko Okuda
Emma Hepburn
Hazel Sutton
Sara Musumeci
Alexandra Wzošová
Ingvild Faxvaag Johnsen
Hilde Sandvold
Astrid Bramming
Irene Theisen
Benjamin Milan;
Lupa Maimone
Montana Doyle
Søren Linding Urup
Michela Moretti
Fie Dam Mygind
Anastasia Safina
Manon Duquesnay
Marianna Minasova
Mathias Theisen
Tine Amalie Hammerbo
Nora Eek
Kari Vig Petersen
Tilda le Grand
Lara Llavata Garcia
Irene Oddo
Victoria Schon
Clara-Marie Müller
Rachel Swanson
Jetske Grutterink

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