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1-Year Post Programme

The 1-Year Post Programme is for dancers with backgrounds such as having:

-A professional dance education from outside the EU and wishing to investigate in and audition for  the European companies and choreographers.

-A ballet education and wishing to specialise in contemporary dance in order to audition for neoclassical and contemporary companies.

-Extraordinary skills and massive training behind them and needs the final guidance and help auditioning for companies and freelance choreographers.

The Programme is an individual specialisation and optimisation of your future professional dance career. The essence of the Programme is personal coaching, audition preparation, networking, career guidance and targeting your technical and artistic skills for the specific job situations that you are planning for in the future.

This programme is specially designed for unquestionably dedicated dancers with high ambitions to expand their skills and boost their career opportunities.

With the Programme you have the possibility to optimise your:

artistic and technical skills
webpage presenting you as an dance artist
solo for audition purpose
recording of solo work for audition purpose or any other application and PR purpose
recording of partnering work
concrete performance experience through showcases or performances
network through choreographers, dancers, teachers and producers
choreographic development either as individual or as artistic collaboration

Entry requirements

The programme is for professional and newly educated dancers in the fields of professional contemporary dance and neo-classical ballet dance.

Read more about the auditions and application process here 

Be aware that the education is not eligible for student visa. If you are from outside Europe, certain rules may apply to your long-term stay. You may find help on New to Denmark or your local authorities and embassy.


Personal Coaching & Career Management
Webpage Creation
Composition focused on solo work
Audition Preparation
Contemporary Dance
Performance Practice  including work with choreographers and public performances
Repertoire & Partnering
Uptimizing Performance
Improvisation & Contact Improvisation


Programme periodes

The school period is from 27th of August 2019 – 5th of June 2020.

An example of a typical schedule Monday – Friday:

Uptimizing Performance
Uptimizing Performance/ Personal Coaching & Career Management
Individual work

Teaching language

The daily working language as well as all correspondence is in English.


To obtain the final diploma students must past the annual exams and pass the school year.
If absence exceeds 10% in any subject a diploma will not be issued.

Course fee

The total education fee for the 1-Year Post Programme 2019/2020 is 57,000 DKK to be paid in three installments.

The first instalment of 20,000 DKK is due to be paid 2 weeks after acceptance.
The second instalment of 20,000 DKK is due to be paid June 1st 2019.
The third instalment of 17,000 DDK is to be paid December 1st 2019.

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School - info@cph-dance.com - +45 30 24 53 51

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